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What we carry

EV Chargers

Chargers are just one part of our end-to-end solutions. While our EV charging solutions are hardware agnostic, meaning they work with any OCPP compliant chargers, we carry several chargers from a variety of suppliers.

The A Series


Black Cat Silhouette

Double cable charger with multiple payment methods. Recommended for communal parking, commercial, and public places.

AC003 Plus

Black Cat Silhouette

Small, sleek, and unintrusive. RFID and app authentification for quick use. Recommended for multi-unit residential use.


Black Cat Silhouette

Quick and powerful level 3 fast charging. Perfect for destination charging.

The HS100 and CS300 Series

HS100 and CS300

HS100 D.png

Lightweight and easy to install, the HS100 and CS300 series are perfect for residential use.

CS301 D·.png
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