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Immediate and Future Charging Needs

Feasibility Study

Although immediate demands for charging may be low, a survey of building users can reveal a hidden or impending need for chargers, while a building load study can help determine how many chargers the building can support. 

Building User Survey for EV Charging


Find out how many chargers are needed, and when.

Want to know where to start? A survey can help determine how many charges are needed now, and how many will be needed in 5 years and beyond.

Building Load Study

Find out how many chargers your building can handle

By analyzing your electrical bills and walking through your building we can recommend the maximum number of chargers that can be currently installed, and steps to increase that number if needed.

EV Charging Electrical Panel
EV Charging System Comparison

System Design and Comparison

Solutions that serve you

Using our years of experience in energy projects, DashCharger’s feasibility study compares several system configurations and provides a preliminary financial analysis of each to allow building owners/managers to pick the system that best suits their goals.

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