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More than just chargers

Smart Solutions

Just as each building and project is unique DashCharger aims to provide flexible, custom solutions. Our systems are hardware agnostic and work with any OCPP-compliant networked chargers. Our systems support both public and private charging with customizable billing options. 

EV Charging Development Roadmap

Continuous Developments

Our Road Map

We are always looking for ways to upgrade our systems and are actively developing our solutions to meet future demands. Leveraging our engineering background, we will be able to offer full EV charging system integration with building loads and distributed energy resources (DERs): 


Our Road Map

As the country moves towards a low-carbon future, building electrical demand will increase faster than the local power grid keep up. It is wise to reduce reliance on utilities and invest in DERs to support your building’s base load and EV charging economically and sustainably. Some examples of DERs are:

  • Solar PV 

  • Energy storage system 

  • Microturbine 

EV Charging and Distributed Energy Resources
Wholistic EV Charging Integration
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