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Double cable charger with multiple payment methods. Recommended for communal parking, commercial, and public places.

Charger Features

Charging Mode:

Level 2 (Mode 3, case B/Case C)

Vehicle Connection:

SAE J1772 plug with 5m cable

Power Output:

9.6kw/40A, 11.5kw/48A each outlet


Floor Stand


Touch screen, Indicator lights, Emergency stop button (optional), Card reader

Load Management:

via OCPP platform

Charger Network and Communication


Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G

User Authentification:

App or RFID (local Whitelist)

Back End Protocol:

OCPP 1.6, upgrade-able to OCPP 2.0

Software Update:

Over the air (OTA)


Environmental Rating:

Indoor and Outdoor, IP54

Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm):

1630 x 280 x 400


46kg w/o cable; 49kg w/ single cable; 52kg w/ double cable

Ambient Temperature:

Operating: -30° c~+55° c Storage: -40°C to 60°C

Ambient Humidity:

5% to 95% RH

Shell Material:

Sheet metal

Electrical Details

Power Supply:

Rated Current Settings (A):

Cross Wire Section:

Power Wiring:


Ground Fault Protection:

Over/undervoltage Protection:

Overcurrent Protection:

Operating Altitude:

Single phase: 208 V / 240 V AC, 60 Hz

40 or 48

Single phase: Single outlet 8 Awg / 6 Awg (75C rated wire) Double outlets 3 Awg / 2 Awg (75C rated wire)

3 Wire, L1, L2 plus Ground

Revenue accurate, Class 1(±1%)



Current +20% above configured threshold


Charger Certifications


UL 2594:2016 Ed.2 ; CSA C22.2#280:2016 Ed.2

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