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End to End Engineered EV Charging Solutions

Engineered Solutions

With decades of engineering expertise along with internationally recognized hardware and software, DashCharger offers a holistic approach to long-term partnerships with our clients such as multi-unit residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

Who We Are

DashCharger Technologies is a Toronto-based company providing end-to-end engineered EV charging solutions across Canada.

End-to-End Solutions

We specialize in retrofitting existing buildings with EV charging systems that will meet today and tomorrow's needs.

DashCharger Technologies

Get to Know Us

DashCharger Technologies,  offers End-to-End EV charging solutions for condo owners and Managers

Networked Charging Diagram

Networked Charging

Streamline your EV charging infrastructure with our innovative, cloud-based software and end-to-end engineered solutions. Take control of your charging system's energy use, charging rates, and maximize efficiency.

EV Charging and Solar Integration

Years of Engineering Expertise

Energy Retrofits and Alternative Energy Projects

Adding an EV charging system to an existing building comes with many challenges such as physical restrictions from the power distribution system, reuse of existing systems and infrastructure, physical space required for EV charging infrastructure, etc. that require in-depth understanding of the existing building characteristics. Backed by decades of experience with energy retrofit and alternative energy projects in commercial and multi-unit residential buildings, DashCharger is well-positioned to engineer a scalable EV charging system that will meet present and future energy requirements.


Let’s Work Together

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DashCharger Technologies


Location: VentureLab Research Centre, 3600 Steeles Ave E,

Markham, ON L3R9Z7

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